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Selection of technological solutions

OLDENG engineering company has more than 20 years of experience in selecting optimal technological solutions for its partners.

What technology we select for our client depends mostly on the primary task: Obtain production with a minimum amount of defective pieces and at minimum cost.

For our client this means maximum profit and shortest payback period of the projects.

Over the course of the years, we have put togetherthe best team of suppliers providing equipment with the best price / quality ratio.

We have also developed methods and technology for the production of some of the best automated casting systems in the Russian market based on OLDENG die casting machines.

The product can be obtained by means of different technological solutions.

Example: a rubber seal part from the B14 rubber compound can be produced either by direct compression or moulding.

For direct pressing, a direct pressing form is designed and manufactured, and an HFC heating installation is selected and calculated.

Then a hydraulic press with heating plates is selected.

For moulding, an injection mould with an extensive gating system is designed and manufactured, and an injection moulding machine for rubbers (rubber compounds) is selected. Then we select calendar machine (calendar) and rollers.

For both methods we do selection of modes, calculation of performance. After calculation of a production piece prime cost, atechnical and economic assessment of either technological solution is done.

The selected technological solution is then implemented into production process.

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