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History of the OLDENG Engineering company

OLDENG engineering company has been created with merging big enterprises:

  • PUMORI Corporation
  • Sverdlovsk tools factory (abbreviated in Russian as SIZ)

It became the Sverdlovsk Instrument Plant - PUMORI joint venture, or SIZ-PUMORI

The company has eventually become a pioneer on the market of the professional manufacturers of form-generating tooling: press moulds, press dies, chill moulds.

During the first fifteen years of operation, the company has taken a leading position among engineering companies in the fields of press mould machines supply and production of form-generating equipment.

Production and / or delivery of equipment in the following areas has been established:

1. Plastics processing (injection molding)

2. Rubbers processing

3. Gas plasma cutting

4. Die casting

5. Machining

6. Stamping

7. Special equipment

8. EDM processing

9. Press moulds and press dies

The company started to provide 3D modeling and prototyping services.

In 2013 company rebranded

The new brand OLDENG means OLD ENGINEERING, which may be interpreted as professional and experienced engineering.

With its own after-sales service, advanced production technologies and reliable partners, our company has opened a new page in its history.

  • Over the course of 20 years, more than 700 pieces of equipment have been supplied. This equipment successfully operates at the facilities of our partners.
  • More than 5,000 press moulds and press dies have been designed and manufactured.
  • Equipment supplied by OLDENG engineering company is operated across Russia: from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, from Murmansk to Rostov-on-Don, at more than 250 industrial enterprises, in 165 cities

Company specialty

  • A number of engineering services for the supply and maintenance of equipment
  • Production, supply and maintenance of die casting machines (one of the leaders in Russia)
  • Supply and maintenance of injection moulding machines
  • Supply and maintenance of metal cutting machines and machining centres
  • Design and manufacturing of technological toolin
  • Production of press moulds and press dies
  • 3D modeling and prototyping
  • Supply and maintenance of equipment for vacuum moulding of plastic materials in silicone moulds
  • Supply and maintenance of equipment for centrifugal moulding of plastic and metal materials in silicone moulds
  • Supply and maintenance of hydraulic and mechanical presses
  • Supply and maintenance of moulding equipment for rubber materials
  • Supply and maintenance of oil purifying systems
  • Supply and maintenance of injection-blowing machines
  • Supply and maintenance of extrusion lines
  • Supply and service of gravity casting machines
  • Supply and maintenance of metal sheet processing machines
  • Supply and maintenance of gas plasma cutting machines
  • Supply and service of EDM machines
  • Supply and maintenance of grinding machines
  • Supply and maintenance of robotic equipment
  • Supply and maintenance of equipment for polyurethane foam and thermoforming
  • Supplies of auxiliary equipment
  • Leasing service for equipment and accessories

Company main advantages

Company main advantages

OLDENG engineering company has been constantly developing since 1997 and has more than twenty years of successful experience in providing engineering services, machine building and manufacturing of technological tooling.

OLDENG is a diversified engineering company providing full range of services for preparation of production lines for polymer processing, press moulding of metal materials, press moulds manufacturing or metal processing.

OLDENG Company has more than 60 awards and diplomas, including:

  • Big Silver Medal award in the field of innovative technologies (St. Petersburg, 2001)
  • Gold Medal award of the Russian Association Stankoistrument, 2006
  • Four consecutive Grand Prix for the best exhibition at the LITMASH Exhibition (CEC Expocenter, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Best Exposition Award of VK Kazanslaya Yarmarka, 2016
  • OLDENG Company has been declared the agent of the year at PO YUEN 2005 (Hong Kong) with the award presentation,according tototal sales.
  • OLDENG Company has been declared the agent of the year at WLS 2014 (Shanghai) with the award presentation,according to total sales.
  • Award for "Best Developments, Technologies and Projects" of the Russian Industrial Forum (Ufa, 2020)

Company priorities:

Comprehensive customer service, turnkey supply of equipment and long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers.

We have our own after-sales service and a warehouse of spare parts allowing us to provide our customers with timely setup of equipment and warranty service and repair, which guarantees high production performance.

Since 2003, all equipment supplied by OLDENG Company has been certified according to Government Standard of the Russian Federation.

OLDENG company QA system is certified in compliance with ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

OLDENG engineering company is at the top of the Russian market of automated moulding complexes based on high- or low-pressure casting machines, industrial equipment and technologies

Company background (Link)

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