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Equipment production

Drawing on experience of designing and producing machinery for:

  • die casting machines
  • gravity casting machines
  • chill moulding machines

in the USSR and Russian Federation, as well as on worldwide state-of-the-art technologies, the OLDENG company engineers have developed the product line of an advanced moulding equipment.

High-pressure moulding machines fall into two categories:

  • Cold chamber machines for aluminium and copper-based casting
  • Hot chamber machines for zinc-based casting

Cold chamber machines

Standard series of cold-chamber moulding machines corresponds to that existing in the USSR.

  • С200 - 711А7
  • С300 – 711А8
  • С480 – 711А9
  • С580 - 711А10
  • С680 - 711А11
  • С880 - 711А12
  • С1080 - 711А13
  • С1380 - 711А14 etc.

Company engineers have developed an SKD assembly sets:

  • Frame (welded framework)
  • Locking toggle unit
  • Injection unit with booster

  • Electrical cabinet
  • CNC
  • Electric motors and hydraulic system elements
  • Automation systems
  • Splash guard

According to the special cooperation agreements, a certain number of units, SKD sets or some separate parts of hydraulic and electrical systems are manufactured at factories in the Russian Federation and at factories in China. The equipment is shipped to the consumer only after final assembly and testing procedures.

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