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Energy industry

OLDENG engineering company has an extensive successful experience in supplying various types of equipment for power plants and factories producing power equipment.

At power plants our equipment is used for oil purification and for increasing its dielectric properties.

Drawing on our over-the-years-experience, we provide a full range of equipment for purifying and regenerating any type of waste oil - transformer, hydraulic, transmission, diesel, turbine, industrial, etc. We manufacture equipment ranging from small and portable to high-powered and high-performance, depending on equipment initial purpose. Production of mobile equipment is also possible.

The problematics of this very area of operation is that when oxygen and water appear in the oil, it starts to oxidize even under ideal conditions, while it is wide known that service life of industrial oils directly depends on the degree of contamination, which in its turn affects the safety and working lifespan of the equipment altogether.

OLDENG offers a simple and highly sophisticated solution to these problems.

Regular oil purification allows you to:

  • Save on the purchase of new oil (90% of the purified oil is suitable for reuse)

  • Solve the issue of oil disposal (oil service life increases up to 5-6 times)

  • Reduce cost of filtering elements for the equipment and machines

  • Improve production ecological safety

  • Reduce possible risks of the equipment-unscheduled downtime

  • In the process of new transformer oil separation its dielectric properties improve up to 20%

Being comparable low-priced (starting with $15,000), oil purifying and regeneration systems have a short payback period (several days to 1 year).

Standard pieces of equipment are ready for immediate shipment from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

OLDENG die casting machines are used for producing: housings and shields for electric motors and electric generators, generator covers, turbine monowheels, cases, chassis and a number of other parts for power-producing machines.

Injection moulding machines supplied by OLDENG (OLDENG Russia) company are used for producing: plastic insulating parts, equipment housings, transformer coil housings, guide strips, covers and a number of other electrical insulating parts for power-producing machines.

Mechanical and hydraulic presses supplied by OLDENG (OLDENG Russia) company are used for cutting or viscous deforming (deep-drawing): stator elements, rotor elements, contact blocks, power contacts, buses, housings, transformer plates and much more. Hydraulic presses with special powder metallurgy dies are used for formation of the contact group special elements of complex geometry: “bunnies”, “pistols”, “elephants”.

Gas plasma cutting machines supplied by OLDENG (OLDENG Russia) company made are used for producing: housings and covers for transformers (where plates are in an oil bath).

Presses and injection moulding machines for rubber materials supplied by OLDENG (OLDENG Russia) company are used for producing: various sealing elements, tapes and gaskets.

Pieces of equipment listed above are at operation following in cities:

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Tula
  • Kaluga
  • Novosibirsk
  • Tyumen
  • Izhevsk
  • Kirov
  • Ufa
  • Kazan
  • Kamensk-Uralskiy
  • Rostov-on-Don
  • Rzhev
  • Perm
  • Snezhinsk
  • Sarapul

Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

We are always glad to provide you with the reference list specifying our successfully fulfilled projects.


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