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OLDENG die casting machines

In technical scope, the die casing machines and automated complexes based on OLDENG die casting machines supplied by our company have the following advantages:

  1. Increased reliability. Our technological complex has been operating for 16 years in the city of Miass.

  2. Increased distance between columns compared to other manufacturers. This allows to operate press moulds with an extensive channel system for temperature control, or to mount press moulds equipped with hydraulic cylinders.

  3. Equipment comes with full documentation in Russian language and with drawings of consumables.

  4. Automatic casting complexes OLDENG have an additional hydraulic drive and a control system for press moulds hydraulic cylinders, allowing operation of advanced press moulds with drives.

  5. Machines are equipped with an automatic lubrication system for friction joints, and an alarm system detecting leaking of oil in the lubrication system.

  6. OLDENG die casting machines with special control algorithm made by OLDENG engineering company allow to mould metal with speed up to 14m/s and produce high-density, low-porosity castings of high exterior standarts

  7. Electric gravity casting machines with platform tilting mechanism allow to produce mouldings of complicated shape and geometry which is impossible by means of common chill casting machines.

  8. Thyristor control of casting and preheating resistor furnaces reduces power consumption up to 70%.

  9. OLDENG engineering company provides installation and maintenance services for the supplied equipment. Our engineers will carry out equipment installation and setting it into operation with mouldings production, to train your own specialists.

  10. We have developed and successfully applied our owntechnical control program, as well as a program of advisory assistance for clients operating our moulding complexes.

  11. We have our own warehouse of spare parts in the city of Ekaterinburg at our disposal. This allows us to quickly provide service for the equipment we supply, as well as troubleshoot in case of malfunctions.

  12. We offer you a post-warranty service program for the die casting machines you purchase. It comes into effect after the warranty period ends.

  13. We always take into account our customers’ needs when updating spare parts stock at our warehouse.

Automation of the casting process

Although die casting machines OLDENG may be operated by workforce for:

  • plates grease
  • metal casting
  • casting extraction

we recommend to make these operations automatic. Automation of these operations can substantially increase equipment efficiency and predictability, as well as reduce production cost.

Laddle manipulator

This manipulator scoops up the required amount of metal from the furnace with a scoopand delivers it to the filler neck of the piston.

Specifications of the laddle provided upon request


Sprayer is a device for automatic high-speed application of a parting lubricantto the press mould parts (negative and positive dies).

Using an automatic lubricating manipulator saves up to thirty seconds off one cycle.

Specifications of the sprayer provided upon request

Double-circuit thermostats for temperature control of press moulds

Press mould thermostat is a device that allows to maintain temperature of the press mould at a required value by means of water (up to 90°) or oil (exceeding 90°).

What for?

When metal material is loaded into a non-heated mould, the mould is sublect to a shock overload, which affects its fatigue endurance. When the mould is stabilized with a thermostat, it maintains a constant high temperature of its surface and experiences substantially less overload when metal material is loaded, which promises it a long and happy life.

Specifications of the thermostat provided upon request

Device for mixing press mould parting lubricant

This device automatically dispenses and mixes a parting lubricant. It has an automatic mixer where parting lubricant is dosed out and mixed with waterinto an emulsion with ratio ranging from 1 to 50 to 1 to 200.

Delivery of equipment

For safe and proper delivery of our equipment to the client we perform some procedures, including:

  • Battery unit, piston pair and lubricating manipulator are removed

  • Machine is prepared to be moved around the factory area

  • All unpainted surfaces are covered with preserving agent, sleeves and corrugated sleeves of electrical wires are safely wrapped up in a plastic film

  • All plates and key panels are covered with plastic wrap

  • Careful packaging and preservation ensures machine safety and long lifespan

We deliver the equipment directly to the client’s enterprise. Along with the delivery, our engineer visits the factory for the equipment acceptance and advisory service.

Our engineers and managers control every stage of the equipment delivery and ensure the safety and long and reliable operation of the machines.

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