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Implementation of innovative solutions

OLDENG engineering company implements innovative solutions on every stage of engineering process

  • Additive (time compression) technologies allow to visualise product, its design, ergonomics and assemble ability.

  • We utilise hotrunner systems in our press moulds for plastic materials, including multichannel with heated manifolds and Heat Pipe technology.

  • When processing thermosetting materials, hydraulic press-used direct compression moulding forms are substituted with injection moulding forms used with BMC injection moulding machines and compounded rubber moulding machines.

  • We produce combined-type press dies with floating shank and ball retainers. Negative dies and positive dies are made of hard alloy.

  • High-speed injection moulding machines with hydraulic accumulators are good for the thin-section casting.

  • Electric injection moulding machines are perfect for manufacturing of medical equipment parts and other precision instruments (electric injection allows to control dosage accuracy to the nearest thousandths of a gram. No oil or its vapors means manufacturing of sterile medical parts is possible).

  • Multi-unit injection moulding machines supplied by OLDENG engineering company allow to mould up to 6 components simultaneously.

  • Compounded rubber moulding machines allow to reduce rubber mouldings production cycle up to 25-45% depending on the details type. This is achieved through preliminary heating and preparation of the rubber compound in the extra barrel of the moulding machine.

  • Utilizing injection transfer moulding machines instead of hydraulic presses allows to reduce mouldings production cycle up to 25-27%.

  • Special stationary driers with Dew Point Control allow to process PET and other hard-to-process materials.

  • OLDENG die casting machines with special control algorithm allow to mould metal with speed up to 14m/s and produce high-density, low-porosity castings with high exterior standards.

  • Utilizing variable-frequency inverters for controlling main transmission electrical engine allows to reduce power consumption up to 70%.

  • Gravity casting machines with platform tilting mechanism allow to produce mouldings of complicated shape and geometry which is impossible by means of common chill moulding machines.

  • Thyristor control of casting and preheating resistor furnaces reduces power consumption up to 70%.

  • In metal-cutting equipment, merging a lathe machining combined with a milling machining centre into one turn-mill machining centre allows to produce parts of the most complex shape on one machine unit in one production stage, expands technological capabilities and reduces production costs.

  • Utilizing plastics processing equipment of a combined type (main extruding press combined with 2 or 3 additional extruders) allows to get an article with enhanced physical and mechanical properties.

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